Learning the Connection Between Fish Oil and Pregnancy Can Lead to a Healthier Birth for Babies

Although studies have shown there is a link between fish oil and pregnancy that leads to healthier babies, many mothers are still unaware of the benefits. The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish based oil are an essential nutrient that the body does not produce.It’s only through food and supplements, like fish oil capsules, that the human body can take advantage of the healthy benefits. For instance, these products have been associated with enhancing brain development in fetuses and has led to fewer cases of post-partum depression.A Safer PregnancyFish based oil also keeps the mother in good health and promotes a pregnancy with fewer difficulties. Expectant women who are deficient in the EPA and DHA omega 3s found in these oils increase their chances of complications.Women deficient in omega 3s face an increased risk of preeclampsia – high blood pressure related to pregnancy. They are also at risk for developing gestational diabetes. Combining oil from fish and pregnancy can help avoid these very serious complications.Fish Oil and Pregnancy BenefitsThe DHA found in fish oil benefits both the mother and baby during pregnancy. Babies not only receive a healthy boost in brain development, but their nervous system, hand-eye coordination, and eyes also benefit.Mothers can decrease their chances of suffering a miscarriage or having a premature birth when taking these supplements. According to a Denmark study involving 8,729 pregnant women, diets with low amounts of fish led to a higher risk of premature or preterm babies. Oil from fish also decreases the chances of a low birth weight.Fish Oil and FertilityPreliminary research also suggests that oil from fish can help a couple increase their chances of pregnancy. For example, a study conducted on male boars fed a diet containing fish based oil showed an improvement in sperm quality.Choosing Safe Fish Oil SupplementsIt is important to select high-quality supplements to take advantage of these benefits. Seek reputable companies who use purification processes, such as molecular distillation, which removes the impurities from these oils.The origin of the fish used to make the oil will also affect the efficiency and safety of these products. Specimens with high levels of toxins, such as mercury and arsenic, produces fish oil that can adversely affect the human body – especially pregnant women.When reading labels, look for the amount of DHA and EPA listed. Read the ingredients to pinpoint the kind of fish used. Keep in mind that the best sources of fish oil come from mackerel, sardines, lake trout, albacore tuna, herring, and salmon.